Alta Langa DOCG – out with Dolcetto, in with Pinot Nero

People seem cagey about discussing the new Pinot Nero trend in the Barolo district. Let’s be clear though that the precious Nebbiolo grape for the Barolo DOCG brand won’t be touched. It appears rather that Dolcetto is becoming unpopular and Pinot Nero is being planted in its place. I assume for red wine production as well as white but will do some more exploring.

In the meantime Pinot Noir in the Langhe is moving higher and we have a new brand in the neighbourhood – the Alta Langa DOCG sparkling wine. Think Barolo goes bubbly and head-to-head with some of Italy’s more famous spumante from Valdobbiadene and Trento. Whether exploiting the effects of climate change on the wine industry or just a clever brand op, the Alta Langa DOCG could be the next big thing.

I would be disappointed to see Dolcetto disappear, and hopefully this will never happen, but likewise I’ll be just as curious to explore the world of sparkling wine that the Alta Langa has to offer.

About Miss A

Stories and photos from Italy's Langhe region.
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