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Sparkling Nebbiolo – ways with wine

I love what they do with this Nebbiolo spumante. After tipping each of the Nebbiolo bunches in the Barolo vineyards at an early stage of this grape’s long maturation process, they then proceed with the classic method to make this … Continue reading

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Bossolasco art – Roberto Andreoli’s watercolours

The thing about a watercolour that makes it so striking is just how ethereal it is. It has an aching beauty, harking back to its days among the gods, before some deity plonked it in this sordid world for our … Continue reading

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Wolfrest Gin – boutique Italian gin

The resting place of the wolf. At Montelupo they believe in their wolf legends, although the wolves themselves are no longer just a myth. They have started to come back to their old haunts and this is the story of … Continue reading

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The road to Sinio – riding in the Langhe

It’s just six kilometres….but it’s six kilometres of pure joy. From the roundabout at the bottom of Sinio, the road in the direction of Bossolasco then climbs and it’s corner and curve and corner again. Through the Adriano wine maker‘s … Continue reading

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1982 Barolo – my vintage, my indulgence

Yes, I bought it. It’s the second time I’ve had a 1982 vintage, bottle-of-something. The first was about ten years ago, with a friend and colleague, sharing a bottle of 1982 Trotanoy. I’ll never forget it. And now this 1982 … Continue reading

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Chiara Boschis and women wine makers

“I love my work to death…. but I don’t want to die for it.” Chiara Boschis Wise words from a wise woman. I can’t but feel proud to be a woman in this world, walking into Chiara Boschis’ well-crafted winery. … Continue reading

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Bartolo Mascarello – beyond Barolo wine

It is difficult to add anything new to what you can read about a visit to Bartolo Mascarello cellar. So I will just say I happened there by chance. It was a lucky day. One to experience the aura and … Continue reading

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Langhe stories on the road – Nebbiolo from the Valtellina

It is a (pleasant) irony of my life story that I have chosen by chance to have made my home in Italy’s two Nebbiolo producing regions. First the Valtellina and now Barolo. When I had my first taste of Nebbiolo … Continue reading

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