Bartolo Mascarello – beyond Barolo wine

It is difficult to add anything new to what you can read about a visit to Bartolo Mascarello cellar. So I will just say I happened there by chance. It was a lucky day. One to experience the aura and magic of Bartolo Mascarello. It’s certainly beyond Barolo wine.

Alan Manley took our small group through, after meeting briefly Maria Teresa Mascarello. She is lovely, bright, warm and elegant. Much like her wine.

Alan is wonderful and transmits all the passion and wonder that is the Bartolo Mascarello cellar. The visit is full of history, matter-of-fact chats about wine and corks and everything in between, camaraderie, myth and legend and art.

If you ever need a place to affirm what wine is, what it’s for and why and how we drink it, Bartolo Mascarello embodies that. In its simplicity and humbleness, and yet its greatness, this is wine of human stories with a little touch of Barolo magic.

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Stories and photos from Italy's Langhe region.
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