Chiara Boschis and women wine makers

“I love my work to death…. but I don’t want to die for it.” Chiara Boschis

Wise words from a wise woman. I can’t but feel proud to be a woman in this world, walking into Chiara Boschis’ well-crafted winery. It’s a place of beauty, coming through the big door, being met by Langhe stone and an old desk functioning as a kind of oversized coffee table, covered in books and papers.

This feels like a place where messiness is welcome in the right spots, contrasted with age-old cellars, steeped in time, and precise, disciplined wine making.

You feel enveloped by something when you step in here. E.Pira e Figli, under the care of Chiara Boschis, is the kind of wine producer who selects its customer. Who wants to satisfy and give to those customers who give back in affection, loyalty and appreciation of the quality of this product.

Chiara Boschis is on a wave of enthusiasm as she has just appeared on the cover of the 2018 October edition of Wine Spectator, as one of Barolo’s premier female wine producers. In fact, as one of Barolo’s premier wine producers. Full stop.

Much like Maria Theresa Mascarello, who we visited earlier in the day, there is an aura at E.Pira e Figli. Is it the female factor that gives this Barolo wine its magic? Who knows.

Here, with Chiara Boschis, and like Maria Theresa Mascarello, we go beyond Barolo. These Langhe hills are made of passion, art, love and loss. I might be proud to be a woman, though I have not much in common with these famous women winemakers other than gender, but I am because they bring an added touch of mystery, homeliness, passion and maternal nurture to the forefront. Like secret women’s business in a glass.

About Miss A

Stories and photos from Italy's Langhe region.
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