The road to Sinio – riding in the Langhe

It’s just six kilometres….but it’s six kilometres of pure joy. From the roundabout at the bottom of Sinio, the road in the direction of Bossolasco then climbs and it’s corner and curve and corner again.

Through the Adriano wine maker‘s vineyards, and up past hazelnuts, you can belt up or stroll up (or down) as you prefer. From the Sinio roundabout six kilometres first down the straight then a tight right hairpin, then one after the other until you get to the crossroads where you can go left to Bossolasco or right through Roddino and onto Monforte (or Barolo or Serralunga etc.). Or maybe you’ll want to turn around so you can do it all again the other way. Like a fun ride that as a kid you could never get enough of.

Short but oh-so-sweet. My favourites are the right-hand corners nine and 11 on the way up. There’s room to pull over and take in the view and some pics, and there’s rarely anyone around much.

Riding in the Langhe offers everything from great views to great rides. You’ll want to spend your life on a motorcycle (or a bicycle) after just one hill here. Even a Vespa will do for a little fun.

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Stories and photos from Italy's Langhe region.
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