Bossolasco art – Roberto Andreoli’s watercolours

The thing about a watercolour that makes it so striking is just how ethereal it is. It has an aching beauty, harking back to its days among the gods, before some deity plonked it in this sordid world for our admiration.

And so it was when we visited Roberto Andreoli in Cherasco, after seeing his work at the Bossolasco ‘Forme e Colori’ exhibition. Not an unpleasant studio at all, but neither is it particularly remarkable if it weren’t for these delicate but commanding paintings around the room.

The artist himself is like his work- pensive, quiet, but very present. Roberto Andreoli’s blue eyes – who knows what they see when he paints? – are kind, and he quietly asserts himself, talking of his work modestly, surrounded by thundering race horses and jazz concerts in celestial, otherworldly places.

The nature of the watercolour is suggestive, as though there is always something else beyond the pastel shades, if only one was good enough to see it. As if the viewer, despite hours of watching, will never quite grasp the full subject.

A watercolour doesn’t adorn….it breathes life of its own. A gesture caught just so, the splashes of a still-life brightening a day. After our visit to this unassuming artist, we take our leave. This Langhe life gives many gifts.

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Stories and photos from Italy's Langhe region.
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