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Waiting for the white lady

Still Nothing As still as Snow We wait for the falling Of snow There is a hint in the air A sparkle Tiny falling shards Suggest she is coming We wait and watch Maybe in our sleep She will arrive … Continue reading

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Grandi Langhe 2019, day one

Introducing the 2015 Barolo vintage is certainly an exciting event for most people. I probably have no real right to be here and was certainly put in the “hangers-on” category by the girl at the door. I chose not to … Continue reading

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Ways with cugna – dessert recipe

Cugna….. I love the way even just the word feels in the mouth. The way it rolls around the ‘u’ and then opens onto the ‘a’. It promises for something hearty and I daresay this simple kind of Piedmontese mustard … Continue reading

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Art and Soul – Photography 2019, part one

I have been taking pictures of wraith-like smoke in the fire, living and breathing behind the glass. Of Langhe dirt, covered in snow, that looks just like a mud cake with icing sugar dusted on top. Pictures of coppi – … Continue reading

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