My palette – spring in Langhe

I love this world of fluffy, palette spring. It’s amazing to see the transformation mother nature undergoes during spring. In the Langhe, you can’t walk out your front door without being taken aback.

Where I live, on the cusp of the Langhe and the Alta Langa, I can enjoy everything from little fruit orchards, to some of the best roadside banks you’ll ever see, covered in violets or little yellow flowers, budding vineyards, strikingly green hazelnut groves and green meadows.

This was a day of rain, and moments of sunshine, on the road from Serravalle to Bossolasco and back again. A beautiful day and unfortunately an incoming storm meant my rambles were cut short. I plan to do some walking in the Langhe in coming weeks, so more photos to come. To see more spring beauty from the Alta Langa, I recommend GiorgioGraziano60‘s Instagram gallery.

About Miss A

Stories and photos from Italy's Langhe region.
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